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Magnifying Success

The simpler a technique is, the more effective it can be. The innovation skill of  ‘magnification’ while only being ranked as a ‘one light bulb level difficulty’ (meaning it’s a simple skill), the impact of it can be massive.

We use the innovation skill of ‘magnification’ when we are looking at creating a ‘value add’ to either our product, a process or service.

innovation blueprintApplying the ‘magnification’ skill is also about improving the user experience whether that it is for a customer, stakeholder or employee.

The business that I’d like to unpack to demonstrate this innovation skill is Guzman Y Gomez. Guzman Y Gomez is a Mexican Taqueria (Spanish for taco shop) that was set up by Steven Marks an expat American in Australia in 2006. His concept was simple – create great authentic Mexican food at a great price. To do this he would need to magnify one thing lacking in Mexican food in Australia (which was authentic flavour).

The ‘magnification’ started to take place, by hiring chefs from Mexico to come out and teach the team how to cook more authentic tasting Mexican food. Over time, the business magnified not just the authentic Mexican taste but also magnified the authenticity to the branding and restaurant design. The result has been over 12 stores since the first conception with an estimated growth of 200% forecast in the next year as they expand across Australia.

If a Mexican restaurant can ‘magnify’ its authenticity to create remarkable success, what are you going to magnify in your world to become a world class innovator?
Feeling hungry? Check them out click here.

Magnification leads to world class innovation.

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