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Suppression in Innovation

Do your own thing


Too many organisations in the world are guilty of Innovation suppression – the practice of actively pushing innovation opportunities out of our mind and out of focus.

The standard thinking that applies is “I don’t have the time to think about doing things differently and innovating, we’ll do that when things slow down a bit”. Sound like a familiar excuse, be it your own or someone else’s?

Innovation doesn’t have to be an optional extra that only comes out when we’ve got nothing else to do. Innovation is most powerful when we use it as a live ‘problem solving’ tool when we’re under pressure.

While it’s obvious that trying to change everything when we’re under the pump isn’t smart practice, what is smart is when we start to incorporate innovation on a micro level. Every project’s implementation plan has the opportunity for a micro innovation. What value adding activity could we incorporate, what could we remove, what will speed things up? Could we substitute a step or a material we’re using?

By starting to innovate on the micro level, we can counter the suppression of commercial innovation.

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