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What Happened To ‘I QUIT’ Girl?

So we all heard about this awesome ‘I QUIT’ video presentation created from this awesome and innovative girl for his boss… or should I say former boss.

See the video here or click the image:  What Happened To ‘I QUIT’ Girl?

…now ‘I QUIT’ girl in the video lands a job offer

Viral “I Quit” video star Marina Shifrin is already being recruited. On Thursday, just five days after her interpretive-dance YouTube resignation, set to Kanye West’s “Gone,” made her a working-woman’s hero, Shifrin appeared as a guest on the Queen Latifah Show, saying she had no regrets. “Sometimes I think that you need to forcefully close one door in order for another one to open a little easier,” the former video producer for Next Media Animation told Latifah.

The talk show host then shocked her guest by offering her a job. “With your experience, maybe I could create a position. What if I created something called ‘digital content producer,’” she said on her show on Wednesday, grinning a bit like the Cheshire cat. “You think that might be something you’d be interested in?

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Shifrin, who is also a writer and photographer, looked stunned. “Are you doing a standup joke right now? I mean…”

“I’m a humorous person but you’re the standup. I’m a boss! And bosses can hire!”

Viewers had to wait until Friday to find out Shifrin’s answer. On Thursday, a show representative told Yahoo Shin

Shifrin’s video, “An Interpretive Dance for My Boss Set to Kanye West’s Gone,” has been viewed more than 11 million times and has spawned at least one knockoff, by work-at-home mom Brenna Jennings.e that Shifrin was still “meeting with the show producers and staff to discuss the opportunity further” and had not yet made a final decision.

Shifrin is not the first person whose viral-video fame has led to great opportunity: A secretly filmed bus-stop dancer landed an onstage role as a result of her moves, while one-handed basketball master and high-school student Zach Hodskins got offered a roster spot on the University of Florida team after recruiters saw the highly viewed video of him dribbling and shooting like a pro.

Given Shifrin’s appreciation of rap music, and the fact that Latifah is basically the first lady of the genre—along with the women’s shared ability to light up onscreen, stir up controversy and make people laugh—it’s pretty clear that they’ll make a fine pair. Say yes, girl!


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